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Press & Publications

Choose Font
HIGHTONE Publishing, 2021

Iconism: Designing Modern Icons and Pictograms
Sandu Publishing Co., 2021

Keep in Touch: Contemporary Design for Invitations, Postcards, Stamps & Seals
Sandu Publishing Co., 2020
FEMME TYPE | A Book Celebrating Women in the Type Industry
People of Print, 2019

From Eastern Europe
Counter-Print, 2018

Flora & Fauna
Victionary, 2018

Victionary, 2018

CHAOTIC: Remarkable Graphic Styles Series
SendPoints, 2018

Label Magazine #31

Duotone – Limited Colour Schemes in Graphic Design
Sandu Publishing, 2018

Fiesta: Branding and Identity of Festivals
Sandu Publishing, 2018

Inspire Magazine
Vol. 11, 2018

Numbers in Advertising Design
PIE Books International, 2017

Page Magazine #09

Layout Now
SendPoints, 2017
Slanted #28 – Warsaw
Slanted Publishers, 2016

Communicating Design Through Numbers
PIE books, 2016

[BranD] Magazine, The Narrative of Art Issue
SendPoints, 2016

Exhibition Time!
Sandu Publishing, 2016

Dotted Visuals
SendPoints Publishing Co., 2016

Typography – Exploring the Limits
Sandu Publishing Co., 2016

Printing Colors in Graphic Design-CMYK & PMS
SendPoints Publishing Co., 2016

RSVP — Invitation Design for Special Occasions
Sandu Cultural Media, 2015 


Pioneers Layout Design
Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd., 2014

2+3D, #52

Geometric Graphics
Sandu Cultural Media, 2014

[BranD] Magazine, The Narrative of Art Issue
SendPoints, 2014

Making a Splash: Graphics that Flow
viction:ary, 2014

Neon, New Fluorescent Graphics
viction:ary, 2013


TYPO, #47
spring 2012

2+3D, #42


The Most Beautiful Polish Books
PTWK, 2021

Silesian Icon Award

Polish Graphic Design Award

Silesian Icon Award

German Design Award
Silver, 2015

Klub Twórców Reklamy 
Nomination, 2015

Klub Twórców Reklamy 
Silver, 2014

Klub Twórców Reklamy 
Bronze, 2014

Silesian Icon Award

European Design Award 
Nomination, 2014

European Design Award 
Silver, 2013

Klub Twórców Reklamy 
Nomination, 2013

Best Design Diploma 
Graduation Projects International Design Review, 2011

Best Graphic Design Diploma 
of Academies of Fine Arts in Poland , 2011

Best Graphic Design Diploma of Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice 
BPSC Award, 2011

Agrafa Contest 
Honorable Mention for the diploma work, 2011

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage 
of Republic of Poland Scholarship, 2009
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