S. → [PL] stacja – station
A. → [PL] audio – audio
W. → [PL] wizualna – visual
→ a tool with a blade used for
cutting hard materials
→ past simple of see
→ a short sentence that
states something that
is thought to be true
S. → silence 
AW. → awareness

The installation is a kind of membrane that resonates with the environment. 

The SAW neon sign fades in response to noise.

The arresting and stark nature of this installation encourages silence while simultaneously provoking increased consciousness and awareness of global threats.

The installation is partly made with recycled materials.

neon signs, transformers, programmer, paint, advertisement pole
→ neons: 38 items with a total length of 55 m,
10 of which, of length 15 m, are recycled
→ transformers: 5 recycled items
→ handles: 110 pcs.
→ cables: 19.5 m
→ area: 9.5 m2

Plac Sejmu Śląskiego 2, Katowice, Poland 

Raz Dwa Paweł Krzywdziński 

Katowice – City of Gardens Cultural Institution
Project implemented under the program
Lokata w Kultura

Photos: Krzysztof Skóra, Paweł Krzywdziński

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