The idea to develop a visual identity system for the structure of Polish state institutions was dictated by the need to organize the chaos that dominated the image of Polish state institutions after 1989. In absence of uniform and specific decisions relating to the method of forming the image of these institutions, it is to be expected that the state will be perceived as an internally broken organization. The aim of the project was both embracing a structure that is composed of multiple independent systems with one visual identification system and to move away from the one-sided graphical interpretation of the national emblem. The challenge was to overcome the limitations of drawing the image of the White Eagle in the form of a pictogram.
The identity system was based on the idea of the separation of powers, as understood today, and includes the main bodies of the state, as well as central and local government institutions. The sign identifying all government institutions is a modified form the emblem of the Republic of Poland, inspired by historical stylizations. The state apparatus was divided into the legislature, the executive (the president and the council of ministers with state administration separately), the judiciary, public finances, bodies providing the control and protection of the law. Five representations of the White Eagle, inscribed in basic geometric shapes, were assigned to appropriate groups of institutions.

Entering into the structure of the state apparatus, and taking into account the specific activity and the position occupied by particular bodies and institution in the hierarchical system, necessitated the introduction of classification at a different level, which required the introduction of new visual differentiators. As a result, separate signs were dedicated to uniformed services and special forces, public authorities, diplomatic missions and the entire state (eagle on shield).

Design assumptions, the concept of the system and graphics solution were presented in a 126-page publication (dimensions: 245/340 mm).

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