Art Directionand Graphic Design

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Museum of Cursed Soldiers and Political Prisoners
Silesian Uprisings T-shirt & Bag
100th anniversary of Silesian Uprisings
Trans:Forming Design from Poland
Captains of Illustration from Poland
Katowice JazzArt Festival 2019
TMK Cultural Magazine
Grono. Fine Dinning & Apt.
Women who changed the face of the world. Pioneers
Katowice Street Art Urban Sound 2019
Children's Cancer Radiation Therapy Center, Warsaw
NIMIT — National Music & Dance Institute
St. Urban Hospital
Journey to Freedom
Katowice Street Art AiR 2018
Katowice JazzArt Festival 2018
Bookworms. Insects in Polish Illustration for Children.
New Year's Eve in Kraków 2017
toprojekt 2018 Calendar
Katowice City's 152th Anniversary Celebrations
6 JazzArt Festival
Katowice Street Art AiR 2017
WOMEX Post-Conference Notebook
The Switch.
Ars Cameralis Festival 2016
Small Theatre Visual Identity
Small Theatre Rebranding
aKino website
JazzArt Festival 2016
Katowice Street Art Festival 2016
Katowice City's 151th Anniversary Celebrations
Gardens of Sounds Festival 2016
Melismetiq Album Cover
Cult Film Festival 2016
2018 Jazz Calendar
RIK corporate identity
Ars Cameralis Festival 2015
Celebrate the City Poster
Katowice City's 150th Anniversary Celebrations
Kobieta jest jak Sosnowiec
Ars Independent Festival 2015
Ars Independent — occasional prints
Katowice Street Art Festival 2015
Berlin Artists' Statements
JazzArt Festival 2015
Silesia Theatre
Zbigniew Blukacz painting
Ars Cameralis Festival 2014
Katowice Street Art Festival 2014
Ars Independent Festival 2014
JazzArt Festival 2014
Design Silesia 2014 Calendar
Design Sielesia 2014 Notebook
Design Silesia White Bag – flyer & cover
Ars Cameralis Festival 2013 — brochure
Ars Cameralis Festival 2013 — prints
Ars Cameralis Festival 2013 — invitations
Ars Cameralis Festival 2013 — posters + billboards
LOUD! / GŁOŚNO prints
LOUD! / GŁOŚNO! exhibition design
Katowice Steet Art Festival – ID
Katowice Street Art Festival – silkscreen poster series
Ars Cameralis Festival 2012
Mobile Design Container / Design Silesia
Night with Design Silesia
Design Silesia – brochure
Birthday of Castle Cieszyn
Silesian Icon Award
Silesian Design Cluster
Radosław Kaźmierczak Identity
bro.Kat identity
ID for the structure of Polish state institutions
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